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Solidarity walk to support Cuba 10th April

Join Brighton Cuba Solidarity Campaign for a short walk around Shoreham to support Cuba’s world-class education system. Meet at 11am, Sunday 10th April 2022, outside St. Mary’s Church, Church Street, Shoreham, BN43 5DQ. West Sussex NEU members who have participated in educational delegations to Cuba will tell you what a wonderful education system Cuba has, but also one that lacks even basic resources and equipment due to the more than 60 years of the US blockade of the island. If you can’t join the walk, please support the NEU-CSC Viva la Educación appeal by making a donation, either individually or as a school group, at []...

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Cuba Solidarity Campaign statement on the current situation in Cuba

Campaign News | Monday, 12 July 2021 The Cuba Solidarity Campaign calls on the US government to suspend the blockade of Cuba to allow emergency medical and humanitarian aid into the country in order to ease the economic and health crisis the island is experiencing. The current emergency is a result of the ongoing US blockade, an additional 243 sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuba has shown incredible resilience in the face of six decades of economic warfare by the US government in the form of a blockade intended to strangle the economy and create hunger and hardship in an attempt to destabilise the country. The Cuba Solidarity Campaign opposes any calls for foreign intervention coming from those in the US who seek to exploit the current difficulties and provoke unrest. The solution to the challenges Cuba faces must be resolved by the people of Cuba and we support the efforts that the Cuban people and their government are making to fight the pandemic in the face of ongoing sanctions and provocations from the US. On Sunday 11 July, some street protests took place against the scarcity of food, medicines and power supplies. The vast majority of these protesters have genuine concerns regarding these shortages. President Miguel Díaz-Canel travelled to San Antonio de los Baños, site of the original demonstration, and spoke to...

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Bolivia: right wing threatens the recovery of democracy

Bolivia: right wing threatens the recovery of democracy (   Bolivia: right wing threatens the recovery of democracy BY PUBLIC READING ROOMSLATIN AMERICA, POLITICS Francisco Dominguez writes: After a full year of racist and repressive horror perpetrated by a de facto government resulting from a coup, the people of Bolivia went to the polls on October 18, 2020 and stunned their own country and the world by giving Evo Morales’ MAS-IPSP party candidate, Luis Arce, a landslide. The coup d’état that installed a racist regime led by Jeanine Añez, was engineered by OAS secretary General, Luis Almagro, carried out by fascists in November 2019, and of course, supported by the US.1 The specifics of the landslide reveal the size of the defeat of the de facto extreme right wing regime: the MAS-IPSP won the presidency with a 55% of the votes cast, against 28% of right-wing Carlos Mesa, and 14% of extreme right-wing Luis Camacho. This was a much improved performance compared to the election in November 2019 when their candidate, Evo Morales won with 48% against right wing Carlos Mesa’s 36%. Not only that, the MAS-IPSP won in 6 out of the country’s 9 departments (with 68% in La Paz; 65% in Cochabamba; 62% in Oruro; 57% in Potosí; 49% in Chuquisaca; and 46% in Pando), with the right wing winning in 2 (with 50% in Tarija, and 39% in Beni) and the extreme...

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