Month: November 2019

Havana turns 500! Cuba marks anniversary with celebrations Happy birthday, Havana!

More attacks against Cuba’s economy makes IFCO’s work even more critical. Your support is needed! (AND TIMELY!) Havana turns 500! Cuba marks anniversary with celebrations Happy birthday, Havana! It’s been 500 years since the capital of Cuba was established, and there were huge celebrations across the country to mark the anniversary More Photos of the Fireworks and Celebration Havana on its 500th birthday – then and now The Cuban government is planning a jubilee week as the capital city celebrates the anniversary of its birth, with hundreds of events at restored monuments and historic sites, a visit from the Spanish royal family and fireworks over the Malecon seaside promenade. Archive photographs show how much, and how little, the capital has changed Check these amazing photos by Havana’s Historian’s Office — the same scenes in 1959 and now. ELAM: 20 years true to Fidel’s humanist thought Cuban President attends anniversary celebration at the Latin American School of Medicine, devoted to solidarity among the world’s peoples Cuba’s President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, presided the 20th anniversary celebration of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), which he described as “a visionary project founded to improve the quality of life of those who were born and died without having the opportunity to see a doctor.” Minister of Public Health José Ángel Portal Miranda recalled that, since ELAM opened its doors, the staff has...

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Photos from TU 60 Cuba Conference

Pic 1: Dr Lauren Collins, researcher on participatory democracy, speaking at a seminar on Workers’ Rights and Achievements   Pic 2: Luis Castanedo Smith, CTC Regional Secretary,Havana Province. (The CTC is the Cuban equivalent of the TUC) speaking at the same seminar   Pic 3: HE Guisell Morales-Echevarry, Nicaraguan Ambassador   Pic 4: HE Rocio Maneiro, Venezuelan Ambassador   Pic 5: Marcus Barnett, Young Labour International Officer   Pic 6: Santiago Badia Gonzalez, General Secretary SNTS (Health Workers’ Union)   Pic 7: HE Teresita Vicente, Cuban Ambassador   Pic 8: Miriela Padron Macías, Regional Secretary, Matanzas, SNTAP (Public Administration Union) at an intercambio with Lauren Collins and Dr. Francisco Dominguez (translating)   Pic 9: Carmen Rosa Lopez Rodríguez, Deputy General Secretary, CTC   Pic 10: Rob Miller, Director,                                                                                            CSC, presenting a special medal to Carmen Rosa   Pic 11: Proudly presenting the Hands Off Cuba banner...

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