Month: March 2019

March 8th – Happy International Women’s Day

  Pauline and Sylvia attended an International Women’s Day play on Saturday 9th March 2019 at the Labour Hall venue in Worthing, Sussex. Part of it was a piece about the great achievements by and for Cuban women during and since the Cuban revolution.   Posted by Sylvia Knight on Friday, 8 March...

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IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 140

IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 140 Who is Teo Babún and why is he going after Cuba? Granma, february 21, 2019 Efforts by the United States government to disrupt unity between Cuban religions and the Revolution have a long history. Attempts have been made to manipulate ties between religious institutions and the state on several occasions, over the past 60 years. But the current administration of Donald Trump – along with resuscitating the Monroe Doctrine and expanding subversive projects in Cuba – has been more explicit about its intention of promoting division. The position of the Cuban government has been entirely ignored, and its express disposition, as stated by the Comandante en Jefe during a trip to Jamaica in 1977, to “work together, so that when the political idea triumphs, the religious is not set aside, or appears to be an enemy of change. No contradiction exists between the objectives of religion and the objectives of socialism.” Trump Threatens a Second Embargo of Cuba Truthout, Feb 24, 2019 The Trump administration is threatening to unleash a flood of lawsuits involving Cuba, which no U.S. president has ever done. It has set a deadline of March 2 to announce whether it will create, in the words of the National Lawyers Guild, “a second embargo” of Cuba — “one that would be very difficult to dismantle in the future.” Trump may give current...

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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Celebrating 60 years of the Revolution

Saturday June 22nd 2pm – 5pm  Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton   Keynote Speaker to be confirmed Exhibition If you have any motions , amendments to the Constitution, committee nominations etc for the AGM business, please email them to Sylvia Knight on email: by the end of May 2019.     Photos of Brighton CSC A.G.M.2019 with speaker Dr Enmanuel Vigil Fonseca   Dr Enmanuel Vigil Fonseca was an inspiring speaker and took great trouble to answer everyone’s questions thoroughly and with passion. Vitriolic in his condemnation of Big Pharma. Top: Dr. Fonseca Centre, Luis Santamaria interpreting, Ann Hallam on right.   Middle: members of Brighton CSC with Dr Fonseca   Bottom: Dr Fonseca (Centre)  ...

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Lauren Collins ‘Cuba – the new Constitution and other changes’

Tuesday May 7th 2019 7.30pm Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton Lauren will have recently returned from Cuba. Many of us know her from her previous talk on Cuba’s electoral system, and this talk should give us plenty of information to counter much of the distortion of the truth about Cuba circulating in the run up to Trump’s expected tightening of the...

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