IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 130
How Do Elections Work in Cuba?
Granma 02/20/18
THE Cuban election system is different from all others that exist around the world, and is young institutionally. Established in the 1976 Constitution, which took effect on February 24 that year, the People’s Power structure has been in place for more than 40 years.
Among the elements that characterize elections here is the term unity, essential for the protection of the country’s independence. The country is led by a single party, that is not electoral in nature, does not nominate candidates, but serves as the guiding force in state affairs and society.
Foreign Investment Grew in Cuba in 2018
Prensa Latina 12/18/18
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) grew in 2018, Foreign Trade and Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmierca said, adding 40 new business deals were struck amounting to 1.5 billion dollars.
Of those contracts, 35 are already being executed, the official pointed out at the Round Table TV news hour last night.
Malmierca recalled that since 2013 Cuba open business to FDI under a new policy on foreign capital with a sectorial approach.
The Minister mentioned the flow of FDI has been hindered by Washington’s hardened economic and financial hostility. He added the US blockade not only damage Cuban companies, but enterprises from around the world as well.
Cuba’s Agrifood System In Transition
Elementas Science 12/10/18
Cuba is recognized globally as a leader in sustainability, particularly in its agriculture and food system. Since the early 1990s, when the island was gripped by economic crisis, Cuban scientists and farmers have been advancing agroecology as a strategy for increasing food sovereignty, resilience and wellbeing. This bilingual (English and Spanish) special feature highlights the work of primarily Cuban-based authors, with an introductory “framing” article written by the guest editors describing our goals, scope and process. This first set of papers and five short documentary videos (below) present a nuanced, in-depth examination of agroecological development in Cuba, including important innovations in practices, policies, and the social movements that support them.
We still have space available on our Feb 1st-10th delegation to examine farming in Cuba.
Contact ifco@ifconews.org for more information.
Cuba Remembers the Return of the Cuban Five to the Island
Escambray 11/17/18
Cuba recalls on this December 17th the completion of the return of the five anti-terrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in U.S. prisons.
Cuban leader Fidel Castro had predicted their arrival in a memorable speech at a rally held on June 23, 2001, in the municipality of Cotorro, Havana. Fidel’s phrase “They will return!” materialized after more than a decade of a huge international solidarity campaign demanding the release of the Cuban Five.
Remembering December 17th
On this historic occasion, we at IFCO write to express our deep appreciation for the tremendous sacrifice that our brothers Fernando, Gerardo, Rene, Ramon, and Antonio made for the cause of freedom and justice.
Four years ago today, the international community jubilantly celebrated the return of the remaining members of the Cuban Five to their beloved country and the Cuban people.
The words “Thank You” for your sacrifice, courage and determined resistance are wholly inadequate, but please accept the profound gratitude of those of us who love and admire the deep revolutionary spirit of Jose Marti and El Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro. We have had the great honor to witness that same spirit in each of the Cuban Five – forever our brothers in struggle.
The heroic efforts of Fernando, Gerardo, Rene, Ramon, and Antonio to stop the vicious acts of terrorism being perpetrated against the Cuban people will forever be remembered as the valiant victory of David over Goliath — the victory of ideas and worldwide solidarity over the power of money and imperialism!
We are indebted to the Cuban Five for your strength and perseverance!
Long live revolutionary Cuba!
Long live Fidel!
Long live the shining example of the Cuban Five!
Cuba Achieves Full Electrification In 2018
Xinhua 12/15/18
Cuba has achieved full electrification this year, an important step for economic and social development, official state media reported on Friday.
Cuban Energy and Mines Minister Raul Garcia said that the last areas without power, with 16,614 homes, have got electricity from photovoltaic panels installed in April, according to the government site Cubadebate.
Garcia highlighted that currently the country has a generation capacity of 5,881 megawatts, 14 times the delivery made when the Cuban Revolution triumphed at the beginning of 1959.
He said 56 photovoltaic parks have been constructed throughout the country, in addition to other plans related to renewable energy sources.
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