Month: October 2018

Cuba accuses Washington of smear campaign over human rights. Morning Star newspaper 17.10.2018

Cuba accuses Washington of smear campaign over human rights CUBA hit back at the United States today, saying it “lacks the morals” to give lessons in democracy after President Donald Trump accused Havana of human rights violations. Washington is set to launch its “Jailed for What?” campaign today aimed at exposing Cuba for jailing 130 political prisoners, calling it a “blatant affront” to democracy. However Cuban ambassador to the United Nations Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo accused the Trump regime of hypocrisy, highlighting policies that have separated parents and children. Ms Camejo told UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet, that the US “lacks any moral authority to judge Cuba, when its current administration drives an agenda of supremacist, racist and xenophobic ideas.” She accused the US of systematic human rights abuses including the use of torture and “arbitrary deprivation of liberty” at the Guantanamo Bay military base, where suspects have been held for years without trial. Cuba called on UN general secretary Antonio Guterres to cancel the event, warning that it is in violation of the UN Charter. Ms Camejo warned that the campaign is part of an attack on Cuba, which includes the devastating 56-year economic and financial blockade of the country. Cuban foreign ministry spokesman Carlos Fernandez de Cossio explained that the US has increased hostility towards Cuba in recent months. He accused Washington of dedicating millions...

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IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 124

      Fwd: IFCO’S CubaBuzz Issue 124 Inbox x     ——– Original message ——– From: IFCO/Pastors for Peace <> Date: 17/10/2018 23:01 (GMT+00:00) Subject: IFCO’S CubaBuzz Issue 124 IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 124 The United States orchestrates unprecedented provocation against Cuba in the United Nations Granma 10/16/18 This afternoon, the U.S. government called a press conference to slander Cuba in the UN’s Economic and Social Council hall. As the meeting concluded, a teleSUR correspondent stated, “This is the environment. The meeting is over. The hall almost empty. Very few of those invited by the U.S.” The United States intends to defend, by any means, its unilateral policy of economic blockade, which is the object of universal condemnation, and violates international law. The U.S. government knows that this conduct is not supported by the U.S. population, or by Cubans residing there. They fabricate unfounded accusations, issuing defamatory statements regarding the safety of diplomats in Cuba. Far from dialoguing on the basis of respect, as Cuba has done to promote cooperation, as it does with other countries, the U.S. government resorts to fraudulent accusations and slander campaigns. The U.S. government allocates millions of dollars every year to attack Cuba’s constitutional order, interfere in internal affairs, and finance individuals who act as agents of a foreign power, which is illegal in Cuba, as it is in the United States and other...

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Hear Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on “Cuba in Focus”

IFCO / Pastors for Peace Hear President Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of the Cuban Council of State Sunday, September 30th at 6pm (eastern time) . WBAI’s Cuba In Focus,  which is produced by Sally O’ Brien with Peggy Gilpin and airs weekly on Thursdays  will be rebroadcast tomorrow Sunday, September 30th at 6pm (eastern time) over WBAI/Pacifica at 99.5 FM. You also hear it at the same time (6pm eastern time) at The program will focus on the visit of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel to New York to attend the 73rd Session of the United Nation’s General Assembly. The show will include excerpts of Harlem’s Community Welcome for The Cuban President – including his spirited address to the packed Riverside Church and a surprise visit by Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro. We encourage you to tune in!! Please help support the organizing of this event. Donate to IFCO now. check our website: [Phone: 212-926-5757] [Fax: 212-926-5842] [E-mail:]  [Website:] [418 West 145th Street, New York, NY 10031] ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ IFCO | 418 West 145th Street, New York, NY 10031 About our service provider Sent by in collaboration with Try it free...

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