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7 30pm

Friends Meeting House

Ship Street   Brighton


US-Cuba Relations: Back to the future with Donald Trump?

Arnold August 2018 Tour


Canadian author and Cuba specialist, Arnold August is on a speaking tour of Britain in May/June 2018. He will visit CSC local groups to speak on Cuba – US relations from Obama through to Trump, and Cuba’s future post Raúl Castro, who is standing down as president following the March 2018 Cuban general election.


In December 2014 Obama and Raul Castro announced the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US after more than 5 decades.

As historic as this decision was, it did not mean that the path was towards normalisation of relations.

Since US foreign policy is inherently interventionist, striving for the imperialist world hegemony of capitalism, can one expect miracles from its Cuba policy?

Guantanamo remains open, funding for CIA democratisation programmes increased and the extra territorial application of the blockade reached record levels of fines totalling $14 billion US dollars for trading with Cuba.

What now under Trump?