Month: September 2017

Hurricane Irma Appeal

On Mon, 11 Sep 2017 at 17:52, Cuba Solidarity Campaign <> wrote: Cuba Solidarity Campaign Special Cuba Update – 11 September 2017 Hurricane Irma Appeal – updates and donations   Hurricane Irma Appeal The Cuba Solidarity Campaign extends its sympathy and solidarity to all those affected by Hurricane Irma which devastated many Caribbean islands this week. Cuban authorities are still assessing the full extent of the damage, but it is believed to be far worse than originally anticipated, with significant damage to infrastructure, tourist resorts and agriculture. Those wishing to donate to hurricane relief work can do so via the Cuba Solidarity Campaign Hurricane Irma Appeal – details below. The category 5 hurricane, the strongest on record for the last 100 years, tore along Cuba’s eastern and northern coast between 8-10 September. Winds of around 250km/h (156mph) and waves between 5-8 metres high have caused major damage to coastal communities, tourist resorts, agriculture and industry, taking out power and communication lines. Severe flooding in Havana and other towns has penetrated further inland than usual. In Havana the sea breached the malecon sea wall several blocks back into the city. Residents have been warned that waters may remain high for several days along hundreds of kilometres of coastline. Irma comes less than a year after Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, devastated Cuba’s eastern provinces in October 2016, and many...

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